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Mandatory Forms

It's a new year.  It's a new summer camp.  It's another time to submit all of your necessary forms to Nancy Garman (

The following is a list of all forms that are MANDATORY in order to attend scouting events.

1. The TROOP 161 BEHAVIOR CONTRACT MAY 2016 FOR SCOUTS AND ADULTS form must be read and signed by all scouts and adults.  Every scout or adult attending a scouting event must complete this form.

2.  The updated BSA HEALTH FORM is a necessity to attend any camping event or activity.  Part A and B must be completed in order to attend any event.  Part C must be completed in order to attend summer camp.  A link to these current forms is provided below.

Tetanus Shots - NEW!

For the benefit of individual health as well as that of the community in general, it is the BSA National Policy that members of the organization, when attending BSA programs or activities that require an annual health physical exam to be completed, are required to have current tetanus immunization.  Exceptions to tetanus immunization will be accepted for medical, religious, or philosophical reasons.  Those who choose not to receive the tetanus immunization are required to fill out a form releasing Camp Rotary and the BSA of liability.  A copy of this form can be found at the link below.  Failure to have this up-to-date vaccine or the exemption form can result from removal from camp.

3. The State of Michigan requires all adults (21 and older) that are on camp property to go through a Central Registry Clearance with the Department of Human Services of Michigan (DHS).  If you are 21+ years of age and plan to stay at or even visit Camp Rotary this summer, you must have a letter from the State of Michigan stating you have been cleared by the Central Registry and this letter must be on file in the camp office. This is a one-time clearance at no cost to the person asking for the clearance.  Keep a copy for your records and submit one to Nancy Garman for the troop records.  Individuals requesting a Central Registry clearance on themselves who are Michigan residents should complete the Central Registry Clearance Request DHS 1929 form.  Mail or hand-deliver the completed DHS-1929 form AND a copy of your picture identification to your local DHS office.  The link to find your office is below.,5885,7-339-73970_5461---,00.html

To pick up the results in person, you must present picture identification. To have the results mailed, a copy of your picture identification must be provided with the DHS-1929. Note: Results will only be mailed to the address on the picture identification.  To ensure that your troop family & friends who will be visiting you this summer do not get turned away or delayed, please notify your family members of this State of Michigan rule.  Individuals not cleared must be accompanied by someone with clearance at all times.

PLEASE GET ALL FORMS SUBMITTED TO NANCY GARMAN BY MEMORIAL DAY if at all possible.  If not possible, please be in contact with her to make secondary arrangements.

Contact: Nancy Garman (269.370.4136 or